A collaboration born out of the same common purpose: to start doing something concrete for our seas.


Ogyre is the first B Corp startup to develop a global digital platform for marine litter recovery. It protects the oceans thanks to a fleet of fishermen who, with their “fishing for litter” technique, can guarantee both to people and companies a concrete act for our seas.

Together we can make waves

The name Ogyre comes from Ocean Gyres, circular ocean currents crucial to the ecosystem but known because they can trap litter within them. With their project they have created a virtuous circular model that allows everyone to concretely protect the sea while giving support to local fishing communities.

“A virtuous circular model with which Ogyre cleans the waters of our seas and contributes to the support of local fishing communities around the world.”

Be part of the change

OTO chair is the first ONE TO ONE product, an icon of the new mindset that drives the brand’s philosophy: a single-mold, mountable chair created from post-industrial recycled plastic.



Ogyre-fishing for litter

The most sustainable solution to protect the ocean is to involve those who live it every day: fishermen. Ogyre’s fleet is made up of Brazilian, Italian and Indonesian fishermen who, through the practice of “fishing for litter,” contribute to cleaning the oceans in return for a monetary contribution paid directly to them. The waste that remains in their nets is brought ashore, sorted and weighed. This entire process is assisted and supervised by local NGOs who assist Ogyre and the fishermen in all operations.

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