A manufacturing mindset evolving into conscious choices and in a lifestyle that brings sustainability benefits.

Beyond limits

We believe that the answer lies in human ingenuity that pushes the search beyond set limits. We create mass-produced products in which technical and technological innovation allow us to realize and create by keeping in mind the goal of bringing benefits for sustainability.

Mindful objects

We care about delivering to the world democratic artifacts, accessible to the general public, both economically and also in terms of understanding. In just a word: inclusiveness. We pay attention in optimizing the entire life cycle of the product, which must be documented, narrated and traceable.

Toward the future

We want to outline a specific offer, in which each object aspires to become a new icon. A collection enriched by heterogeneity, from design to lifestyle, from clothing to accessories. A business proposal that steps back from the traditional way of thinking the market while outlining a new scenario that aims at innovation, quality, future.

A ratio, a process, a connection, a relationship, a path.



The strong idea is to set the mindset, and consequently, our lifestyle, toward the responsibilities that comes with the moment we decide to add something new to our planet. It is no longer about when to start considering the right balance between beautiful and good, ethics and imagination, function and emotion: it is how to do it. Indeed.

With OTO Chair, we have already done that.

OTO-Into the change

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