Using recycled materials is not enough.
We need a strong idea.


A few years ago, we began to discuss how we could interpret design in a way that could be contemporary in terms of production sustainability, technology, sales methods and functionality.

It’s time to change

our point of view

OTO CHAIR is ONE TO ONE‘s first product, icon of the new mindset that guides our brand’s philosophy: a single-mould, mountable chair made from post-industrial recycled plastic that will help clean up the oceans.


Evolving for a solution

HYPER-SERIALITY,thoughtful packaging, optimization of all production, logistical and storage steps. ONE TO ONE’s values take shape in creating design objects by optimizing all the different phases and resources used, from thinking to making.

Leftovers are not left over

Designed to last, OTO CHAIR and its minimalist design meet the need to minimize production waste in terms of material, time, and energy. It comes from a single mould, packaged in a recycled and recyclable pulp pack to be shipped directly to users: this, allows skipping all the steps between intermediaries saving in terms of economics, transportation, and emissions.

A sustainable project

OTO chair The OTO chair is a perfect example of commitment to the circular economy, thanks to a production chain designed to be sustainable from the very beginning. The chair is made using a single mold, ensuring that it is created sustainably. Additionally, it is packaged in an eco-sustainable packaging that optimizes delivery steps, reducing the number of intermediaries involved and saving time and costs of CO2 emissions. This project is a tangible representation of how a sustainable approach can be implemented throughout production, from creation to delivery.




OTO chair is made from recycled plastic, making it suitable for both indoor

outdoor use, including kitchens, gardens, and outdoor areas of bars and restaurants.

Be part
of the change.

Be part
of the change.

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